Types of Construction Sites

clean cosntruction site

Maids in Pink offer post construction cleaning services for a wide variety of construction sites.

Construction sites can be dangerous and full of hazards and hazardous materials. Maids in Pinks staff are trained on safe disposal and cleaning techniques of construction material to get the job done.

Types of Sites to be Cleaned

Home Renovations and Investment Properties: if you have been working on your house or an investment property, Maids in Pink can schedule a date and time for a thorough cleaning. We make sure the house or apartment is ready for use when we leave. This way you are ready to hand it over to the next tenant or owner.

New Builds and Home Additions: New construction projects are great projects to work on, as we are able to fully show a fresh new project. A good cleaning can make all the difference when it comes to a new build. Home additions are the same thing, a good cleaning is all it takes to truly make the place stand out.

Heavy Construction Sites: Heavy construction sites can get dangerous, especially when things aren’t cleaned and taken care of. There are a lot of different things to look out for when cleaning a heavy construction site. There are different chemicals and products that are used on heavy construction sites, that you don’t find at homes and regular day to day places.