Tips for Moving out

Moving out can be a real pain and cause you a big headache if you aren’t ready for it. There is a lot of things you need to get done if you want the day to go smoothly. It is even harder when you are a renter as you need to have to place cleaned before you leave, Maids in Pink offers a move out cleaning service for those who dont want to worry about this. Here are some of our best tips to make your move out day go by a lot quicker and easier.

Tips to make your Move out day Easier

  1. Know what to throw away or give away: To make it easier for us, we like to tell clients know what you want to keep and what you want to leave. You can really cut down the amount of moving you do when you get rid of unwanted junk.
  2. Make sure you are ready with all the supplies: Its important to be prepared and ready when the time comes, know that some packing containers aren’t as strong as others. Assess your belongings and prepare for the move. Make sure you have all the needed supplies to box and wrap everything.
  3. Properly pack fragile items: Packing valuables are very important, especially if you haven’t move them before. Its almost like an art. Pack them with enough packing materials so they’re safe for the move.
  4. Start packing early: A lot of people leave packing till the day before you move. This is the a horrible idea. Start packing sooner than later as you will have the time to properly pack everything.
  5. Stay Organized: Make sure you organize everything and label everything to. Staying organized on a moving day can really help when it comes to unpacking.
  6. Pack the truck strategically: When packing the truck on moving day, load all of your furniture and other heavy belongings first, then follow that with your boxes and bags. Doing this allows for easier unpacking when you arrive at your new home.