Restaurant and Bar Cleaning Services in Calgary

One of the biggest turn offs when coming into a restaurant is when they are dirty, and unkept. Your restaurants see dozens and hundreds of people every day. Keeping your restaurant clean and in top notch shape is a routine process which needs the utmost care and detail. Our bar and restaurant cleaning service offers a professional grade cleaning service that meets all rules and regulations. We make sure to keep your restaurant clean and tidy day in and day out. By using Maids in Pink you can focus all your efforts on providing great customer service to your guests and making sure they all have a great experience at your restaurant.

What does our Restaurant and Bar Cleaning Service offer

Maids in Pink cleaning service will make sure to keep your restaurants, bars and lounges in the best shape ever. We provide a mopping and waxing floor service, countertop sanitization service, windows and glass cleaning service, washroom cleaning and ktichen cleaning.

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Restaurant and Bar Cleaning Service Benefits

Keeping your restaurant and bar clean is Maids in Pinks number one priority when we start working together. We are dedicated and committed to going that extra mile to make sure all your customers are happy when they enter your bar or lounge, we want to make sure everyone enjoys their experience. Maids in Pink will also do our part in ensuring that your restaurant passes all health and safety inspections.

Sometimes its too difficult to hire internal staff to keep the place clean, they either just dont care or dont pay close enough attention to detail. Maids in Pink cleaners job duties are to make sure each establishment we work for is ready for business each and every single day, by having it clean and presentable.

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