Property Management Cleaning in Calgary

Running a build apartment and condo complex can be difficult. Tenants want a clean and tidy building at all times. Sanitation and cleanliness is our number one priority when it comes to property management cleaning. All buildings are different and require different cleaning services. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services here.

Apartment and Condo Property Cleaning

No one wants to live in a dirty apartment, having a cleaning building is going to make people want to live your building. If you are having troubles maintaining a clean building it may be time to hire Maids in Pink to take over your cleaning routine. Maids in Pink will the do the job correctly to ensure that no stone is left unturned. From small buildings to large complexes we have the available staff and tools to make sure all tenants and their guests are happy every single day.

Our Property Management Cleaning Services Include:

  • Shoveling and clearing of common sideways and walkways
  • Window cleaning, glass cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning, including stain removal, vacuuming
  • Floor cleaning, including sweeping, mopping and floor cleaning
  • Common area cleaning

We can also be hired to do single units in the building.

Contact Maids in Pink now to discuss what we can do for your apartment buildings.