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Best Cleaning Service


Wooden Cutting Boards

Cleaning wooden cutting boards is tricky because wood absorbs chemicals, meaning you don’t want to clean it with harsh soaps and detergents. A safe and effective alternative is rubbing salt and lemon juice on it instead. Let the mixture soak for a few minutes, and then simply rinse with hot water.


Grease Stains

Grease and oil stains are a nightmare to get rid of. One neat trick is to apply an even layer of corn starch on the stain and let it stay overnight. In the morning, just wash the fabric as you normally would. The powdery starch should have absorbed the grease, making it much easier to remove the stain.


Smelly Fabric Furniture

Fabric furniture like sofas, mattresses, and chairs can retain unpleasant odours. One way to deal with this is rubbing baking soda into the fabric and letting it stay overnight. Vacuum the powder up in the morning, and the smell should have decreased, since baking soda absorbs odours.


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November 22, 2017