Post Construction Cleaning Tips

Is your big construction project coming to an end and you are starting to think of all the cleaning you are going to have to do?

Don’t worry because the Maids in Pink can help you out.

Here at Maids in Pink we take the most ultimate care when it comes to cleaning your project workspace, we make sure to keep the space clean, safe and ready for you to use and enjoy.

We like to follow a standard procedure when it comes to cleaning projects for our clients, however, depending on each General Contractor we can switch things up and make sure it is up to your standards.

Tips for Construction Site Cleaning

Rough Cleaning

The rough cleaning step is our first initial phase in which we remove and clean all construction debris from all surface We remove the dust, caulking, any paint thats not supposed to be there, and gunk from adhesives. All glass objects are cleaned on windows, doors, etc.

Move in Clean

This step is considered move in ready because once were done in the space the client is able to move in or the space is ready to be used. A heavy detailing of all the work spaces are finished including:

Cabinets and shelving: all cabinets are cleaning and wiped down to remove all residues and dust particles.

Floors and baseboards: floors and baseboards are cleaned with cleaners that will protect the shine and look of the materials.

Touch Up Cleaning

Once everything has been moved in, and dust and debris has settled on all the furniture, a wipe down of all surfaces are once again completed, to make the construction site look very clean. We make sure to keep you informed and updated on on everything. We look forward to helping you put the finishing touches on your next project.

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