Post Construction Cleaning Service in Calgary

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Post construction site clean upWhen your construction project is closed out and ready to be commissioned. Maids in Pink can take care of all the post construction clean up. We make sure to clean up the entire project area, so that it is ready for the client and owner to take over the space. We provide Calgary with a thorough post construction cleaning service after all construction and renovations are finished.

Post Construction Clean Up requires detail and quality work

When handing over a new construction or renovation project back to the owner or client. As the builder you want to make sure everything is in tip top shape. It’s the same idea when buying a new car, you want everything pristine and showroom ready. Lets face it, most construction crews aren’t the most detail oriented when it comes to cleaning. Maids in Pink will come to your site and professionally clean the entire project site top to bottom. A lot of effort is taken when constructing projects, why not put the same amount of effort in to cleaning it once its complete. At Maids in Pink, we make sure to pay extra detail in all nooks and crannies to make sure the customer is happy and completely satisfied.

Benefits to Hiring a Post Construction Cleaning Company

Quality and Professional Job

A thorough cleaning requires a high degree professionalism. Your construction crew has worked extremely hard and long to complete your project, so they are not going to want to put 100% into cleaning it after, it’s not their job, they are there to build. Our job as a professional cleaning service is to make sure the construction site is thoroughly cleaned and ready for inspection.

Professional Cleaning Supplies

When it comes to removing industrial or construction grade products from surfaces, regular cleaning supplies don’t cut it. We carry the best pro grade cleaning supplies to remove all marks, stains, blemishes off of surfaces. We know what products to use on every surface, so it doesn’t discolor or fade the material.


There are some hazardous materials used on construction sites, and if not handled properly can cause health risks or bodily harm. Our crews are trained to deal with all sorts of issues on construction sites, and to work 100% safe and responsibly. Let us handle your next post construction clean up. Contact us no for free quote today.