Must Have Packing and Moving Supplies

packing and moving suppliesPacking and moving out can be a huge, daunting task. If you are properly set up with all the right tools and supplies, it can be very easy. There are entire stores and corporations that dedicate there entire team to helping people move out.

For some people, they cant afford to hire movers to help them move, so we put together this helpful list for those who need to learn how to move.

Generally speaking, anyone who plans on moving is going to require some boxes or different sizes. Large items are good in large boxes, but heavy items need to be put in tougher smaller boxes, so they dont fall out, and light objects can go in larger boxes and can be easily moved. Pro tip, check out your nearest liquor store to see if they have emptied liquor boxes. These usually have dividers in them, which will help protect your glassware and stuff. Remember to always fill boxes to capacity, underfilling will result in collapses, and overfilling will make the boxes harder to stack.

Before you start packing all your belongings into your boxes, you’ll need to make sure you have some packing tape. Make sure to stock up on packing tape, to seal all your boxes, masking tape for labels and duct tape to reinforce all your heavier boxes. Buy a bunch of rolls just in case, you can always use it around the house later.

Scissors and box cutters are a must as well, make sure to have multiples, especially if your friends plan on helping you.

Along with those basics, permanent markers are good for labeling boxes. Some movers will use color-coded stickers to help with organizing everything. This is only needed in big moves I think. It also allows you to protect your valuables without writing on the boxes.

You will also want some sort of packing material to help move your valuables around. If you have the money to spend, pick up some bubble wrap, if not, old newspapers and flyers work well.

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