Move out Cleaning Calgary

move out cleaning calgaryMessy tenants can be a real headache when it comes to renting out your houses. Move out cleaning in Calgary can be such a relief for property owners who don’t want to deal with past tenants old messes.

Maids in Pink makes it easy for you to move in or move out into your new home. Our professional cleaners are trained and detail orientated to get your new place as clean as possible. Click here for our other residential cleaning services.

When to use a Move out Cleaning Service

Maids in pink offer a move in cleaning service in Calgary for people who are either, moving out of a rental property and needing the place cleaned, we do clean out services for property owners with bad tenants, and we can clean out houses for any other moving service you need.

Most rental properties make you clean the home before you can get your deposit back, so let us take care of cleaning everything to make sure you get your hard earned money back.

Moving out can be very stressful and you may not have time to clean the carpet or remove the oil stains on your walls in your kitchen. Whether you are moving out or moving in, the last thing you care about is cleaning the house or apartment to get your deposit back.

What does Move in/Move Out Cleaning generally include

  • A complete¬†cleaning of your house or apartment (bathroom, floors, etc)
  • Window and glass cleaning, free of fingerprints and streaks
  • Kitchen appliances, inside and out
  • Range and stove top
  • Cobwebs and spider webs
  • Blinds
  • Baseboards
  • Cabinet and drawer cleaning