Window Cleaning in Calgary

Maids in Pink Window Cleaning Service

Annoyed by all those specs? Trust our pros to get rid of every last grain. We offer interior and exterior window cleaning, including post-construction cleaning. We only use high quality products to make sure that after we’re done cleaning, your windows stay shiny and clear for as long as possible. Regular window cleaning prolongs the life of the glass and creates an inviting appearance, which can uplift the look of not only a residential space, but a commercial space as well. Freshly cleaned windows do not go unnoticed and make a great impression on clients, eventually influencing their opinion of the business itself.

Maids in Pink is proud to offer window cleaning services all year round, no matter the weather. Our employees are trained in braving all four Calgary seasons in all of their severity. Whether the birds are leaving unpleasant symbols in the summer or the slush and ice is clouding your windows in the winter, our employees are professionally trained to deal with it all. We want to provide you with the best service in Calgary and surrounding areas. You can trust us to get that streak-free, fingerprint-free shine every time.

Our professionally trained employees are experienced in providing window cleaning service in Calgary to all sorts of buildings, including high-rise commercial buildings, single story units, and construction sites.

At Maids In Pink, we are constantly striving to expand the array of cleaning services we provide to our valued clients. Having a broad range of cleaning services in Calgary helps us be the one-stop shop for everything our customers need. Let us provide you with a tried-and-trusted service, whether it is for a one-time clean or on-going, scheduled maintenance to keep your facilities in top shape at all times.

Why Choose Maids in Pink as your Calgary Window Cleaning Service

As explained earlier, the state of cleanliness in a commercial building has an extremely vital impact on new and existing clients. A clean business gives your customers and clients a comforting feeling that they are in the right place. As a business owner or manager, you already need to worry about many other things to keep your business running smoothly and your clients satisfied, so let us ease your burden by taking care of the window cleaning. Below are the key reasons our professionals at Maids In Pink are best suited to provide you with a spotless window clean.


Our staff is thoroughly trained in all types of scenarios when it comes to window cleaning. Whether it is a single story unit or a high rise in the downtown Calgary core, Maids In Pink are trained to get those windows cleaned in the safest, most effective way possible.


Some people may wonder why you would need professionals to clean your windows, but those people have obviously never seen a high rise! Experience and professionalism is critical when in the window-cleaning business, as heights have the power to scare away even the bravest cleaners. Maids In Pink trains employees in the nuances of window cleaning so they can get your windows clean safely and effectively every time.


We work on the schedule you provide us. Our employees can provide their professional opinion if you need help working out a window cleaning schedule which is right for you business, ensuring minimal disruption to your customers and staff.


When it comes to cleaning, anyone can get the job done, but few take the time to put in their best effort and bring their highest quality skills. At Maids In Pink, our pros are those few who go above and beyond to clean spaces with a passion.

With Maids In Pink, we make your dollar go as far as possible. Our consistent reviews and satisfied customers prove that we are the number one cleaning service in Calgary. Please expect nothing but the best quality when choosing to let us serve you. Trust us to get the job done right.

With commercial window cleaning, Maids In Pink offers quality, flexibility, and respect for you and your property.