Commercial Window Cleaning in Calgary

Maids in Pink Window Cleaning Service

Maids in Pink is proud to offer window cleaning services year round no matter the weather. We want to provide you with the best service in Calgary and surrounding areas. Providing a high quality window cleaning service that will leave your windows spotless every single time.

We offer our commercial cleaning window service as well as a residential window cleaning service. Whether you are looking at a hi rise commercial building, single story building, house or construction site, we have the knowledge, trained staff and experience to take care of all our window washing projects. Trust Maids in Pink window cleaning to get you that picture perfect shine on all your windows.

At Maids in Pink, we always continue to expand our cleaning services that we provide to our valued customers. Having all these services allows us to remain a one stop shop for all out customers cleaning needs.Let us provide you with a bullet proof strategy in an on-going, scheduled maintenance program to keep all your facilities clean as the day you moved in.

Why Choose Maids in Pink as your Calgary Window Cleaning Service

Cleaning and having a clean office, shop or any kind of space is hugely important to new clients and existing. A clean business gives your customers and clients a comforting feeling that they are in the right place. As a business owner you need to worry about running your own business and let cleaning be taken care of by the professionals. Maids in Pink is a highly trusted and professional cleaning service that can clean and maintain a picture perfect window cleaning service.


Our staff is trained with all types of scenarios when it comes to window cleaning. No matter if it is on single storey buildings/houses or sky high high rises in downtown Calgary, Maids in Pink can get the job done.


Window cleaning may seem simple but if you inexperienced with heights, things can go bad pretty quickly. Hire us to properly clean your windows.


We offer awesome schedules for any and all clients. No matter when and how many times you need windows cleaned we can get the job done.


When it comes to cleaning, anyone can really do it. What it boils down to is, Maids in Pink will take the time and make sure we are doing a quality job, that we would be happy with at our own homes.

The saying “you get what you pay for” is very true when it comes to cleaning services. Go with us, because of our consistent reviews and our satisfied customers that would recommend us to all their friends and family. Expect only the utmost extreme quality when it comes to any of our projects. You can trust us in getting the job right.

When it comes to Commercial window cleaning, Maids in Pink will offer you only the best work, flexibility and respect to your property. By choosing us, your business will stay cleaner and more presentable to all of your workers and clients.