Commercial floor cleaning in Calgary

calgary commercial floor cleaingCommercial flooring can be some of the nicest and cleanest aesthetically pleasing flooring around, but it is also some of the hardest types of flooring to maintain and clean.

The problem with commercial flooring is they are installed in placed where there is tons of traffic. This means they have to withstand abuse day in and day out. We will go over the types of flooring and ways to clean it as well.

Top flooring choices and how to clean and maintain them

Here in Calgary, we are hit with all the seasons. Our floors need to be durable and made to last. As a commercial cleaner, clients come to us to help to fix and clean their trouble areas.

So when it comes to building and designing your offices and new spaces here in Calgary, you need to keep these things in mind because some flooring isn’t made to handle all types of scenarios.

When it comes to designing, wall color and furniture seem to get all the attention. But when you’re designing a commercial space, you want to give careful consideration to the type of commercial flooring you choose to install. Whether you’re designing a space for a large corporation or a small office, we’re offering insight into the different types of available commercial flooring and where they are most suited.

Hardwood Floors

When it comes to installing hardwood floors in commercial spaces, a lot of people tend not to. Hardwood is a great finish for commercial flooring if you have a higher budget and a less trafficed area. Hardwood floors work exceptionally well in small offices or board rooms, they give a high end look.

Hardwood floors are also great because they offer easy cleaning. Just use a solution that doesn’t mark up the wood finish and you are good to go.

Vinyl Flooring

Probably the most common type of flooring other than carpet, is vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring can take a lot of abuse from everyday wear and tear. You can use this in all types of commercial spaces, the only place I would stay away from is anywhere that is going to get really wet .

Vinyl flooring provides the same type of easy cleaning that hardwood gives but even better. More types of cleaners can be used on vinyl due to the more rugged material. Scuffs and marks are able to be removed a lot easier from vinyl flooring as well.

Rubber Flooring

For entry ways and places where there is a lot of weather abuse, stick with rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is super effective when you need a material that can take heavy abuse. Its great for places like entry ways, restaurants, hospitals that get huge amount of foot traffic.

Cleaning is a breeze, just needs a good spraying and you are set. Use rubber flooring in areas where you know its going to get wet.


My least favorite type of commercial flooring is carpet. Its unpleasant to look at and gets dirty very easily. The one upside for carpeting a commercial space is you get a noise reduction. Which can help if you are in a big office area with lots of foot traffic.

When it comes to cleaning carpet, you will need to clean it regularly especially if you have a busy space. Carpet tracks in all sorts of mud, dirt and grime from the outside.

When it comes to choosing your next flooring material, keep these in mind. Durability and cleaning options are very important if you want to keep your business looking spic and span.