Commercial floor cleaning in Calgary

calgary commercial floor cleaingGot flooring that’s looking a little dull? Maybe you’ve tried to clean it but just can’t get it to sparkle like it used to. Not to mention, trying to deep clean a floor by yourself without professional help can leave you with an aching body and unsatisfactory results. At Maids In Pink, we make floors shine and glitter again. We offer strip and wax, as well as tile and grout cleaning. Our pros use high-powered tools and special methods to attack dirt trapped between tiles and joints, a common occurrence on flooring installed in high-traffic, public areas. The first step we take is to choose the proper products to work with on the floor, based on the flooring material. We work with all types of flooring material, and our professionals are trained in handling flooring with care. Failure to deep clean flooring results in an unsafe and uninviting space, which is especially true of commercial and business areas. The floor is one of the first things a client examines when entering an area, and it’s cleanliness heavily impacts a client’s opinion of a space, eventually reflecting upon the client’s opinion of the business itself. Regular floor care makes all the difference in the appearance and health of a space. Flooring material lasts longer and is less likely to break, chip, or detach when regularly waxed. Allow us to show you the difference a professional clean can make. Commercial flooring can be some of the most beautiful, clean-looking, and aesthetically pleasing flooring around, but they are also some of the hardest types of flooring to maintain and clean.

Top flooring choices and how to clean and maintain them

Our bumbling city of Calgary is graced with all four seasons, in all of their severity. Hence, flooring here needs to be durable, long-wearing, and truly made to last. This has to be kept in mind when building and designing commercial spaces because all flooring is not built equal. Tell us your trouble areas and we’ll help you achieve the best commercial clean.

When it comes to interior designing, wall colour and furniture seem to get all the attention. However, when you’re working with a commercial space, you want to give careful consideration to the type of commercial flooring you choose to install. Whether the space if for a large corporation or a small office, here are some option to consider:

Hardwood Flooring

When it comes to installing hardwood flooring in commercial spaces, a lot of people simply tend not to! This may be due to cost and maintenance considerations. However, hardwood is a great finish for commercial flooring if you have a higher budget and a lower traffic area. Hardwood floors work exceptionally well in small offices or board rooms, providing a high-end, high quality feel. They also make for easy cleaning, working with any solution which doesn’t mark up wood.

Vinyl Flooring

The most common type of flooring (besides carpet), is vinyl. Vinyl flooring can take a lot of abuse from everyday wear and tear. You can use it in all types of commercial spaces. However, it’s best avoided in areas which are expected to become and constantly remain very wet or soggy. Vinyl flooring provides an even easier cleaning option than hardwood flooring. More types of cleaners can be used on vinyl due to its rugged nature. Scuffs and marks are able to be removed a lot easier from vinyl flooring as well.

Rubber Flooring

For entry ways and places where there is a lot of weather abuse, stick with rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is super effective when you need a material that can take heavy abuse. It’s great for places like commercial entry zones, restaurants, hospitals, and anywhere you can expect high foot traffic. Cleaning it is a breeze, requiring a good spray, and rubber can withstand wetness and humidity very well.


The least favourite type of commercial flooring is carpet. It’s unpleasant to look at and gets dirty very easily. The one upside for carpeting a commercial space is you get noise reduction, which can be helpful in large commercial areas with high foot traffic but also a need for quietness.  When it comes to cleaning carpet, you will need to do it regularly, especially if you have a busy space. Carpet tracks in all sorts of mud, dirt, and grime from the outside.

When it comes to choosing your next flooring material, keep these in mind. Durability and cleaning options are very important considerations for commercial flooring installation.