Calgary Fitness Club and Gym cleaning services

calgary gym cleaningGyms and fitness clubs have gotten super popular in Calgary in the past years now. Sometimes they are aren’t always kept clean and germ free. Gyms are one of our specialties when it comes to cleaning up calgary.

Keeping gyms clean goes beyond just visual inspection. There are a lot of germs you cannot see in these workout rooms.

A few years back there were some outbreaks in scome health clubs that were believed to stem from improper cleaning of the workout equipment. Our crews can prevent this sort of outbreak with our cleaning service. Sanitizing the equipment should be a duty for all gym goers as it helps prevent the spread of a lot of different germs.

Top Cleaning Issues People Customers Hate

  • Unpleasant odors
  • Gross equipment
  • Messy locker rooms
  • Dirty floors
  • Little to no cleaning products to clean equipment
  • Spills, stains on carpet
  • Dusty surfaces

The goods news is that these issues can be easily fixed by our cleaning crews, with some simple, planned out routines, that can keep your clubs in Calgary clean.

Odours – Odours usually reside in the material and are tougher to clean. You have to remember not to try to mask the smell but get rid of it. This requires getting you hands dirty and putting a little bit of elbow grease into it.

Gross equipment – Equipment gets used a lot, and if each person that uses them doesn’t clean up after themselves, well then we have an issue. Having paper towel dispensers and sanitizing spray goes a long way, when trying to maintain a clean and healthy gym. Keep in mind though, a lot of people get their moms to clean up after them, so as the owner or manager you have to make sure you have a cleaning team that is regularly sanitizing these machines daily.

Messy locker rooms – One of my biggest pet peeves is walking into a locker room that hasn’t been maintained for even a couple of hours. This is a problem especially if you have a prime time location. Change rooms can be dirty and messed up in half an hour if the proper care isn’t taken. You see it all the time, dirty underwear, used towels on the floor, spilt protein shakes, just an absolute mess.

Dirty floors – I consider this a fairly easy thing to clean, but in our Canadian winters it can be quite the racket. Members track in their snowy and wet boots all over the gym floors, causing tripping hazards and mess everywhere. If your gym has carpets though, that can get ugly real quick.

No cleaning products – A lot of gyms now provide cleaning products to spray down equipment after you have used them, but it should be on the cleaning staff to make sure everything is cleaned for all members. Members come to the gym to workout and not have to clean.

Spills and stains on carpet – If your gym has carpet, I would suggest replacing it ASAP, but if you aren’t able to, make sure to get your carpets cleaned frequently as this is one of the most unsightly things you can have at a club.

Dusty gear – Having dusty equipment means one thing, no one is using it. Make sure you have the equipment wiped down to give a visual representation of yourself and show that you maintain your things.

If you keep these standard cleaning procedures up you wont have to worry about keeping customers coming through the doors.