Apartment Cleaning Calgary

apartment cleaning calgary

You get home from work only to realize you haven’t cleaned or dusted your apartment in the past few weeks. You’re so tired that all you want to do is take a nap and watch your favorite TV show. We get it. We’ve all been there. That’s why we’re providing an affordable apartment and condo cleaning service custom tailored for your needs. Now you’ll never come home to a mess again!

So don’t wait and let Maids in PInk help you get control of your life again so you can binge watch Shameless.

That’s right! You name it, we clean it.

We clean apartments, condos, studios, and lofts. If you’re seeking for an apartment cleaning service in the Calgary & surrounding metro areas, whether it’s a small studio or a king-sized loft, we’re always here to help! We clean apartments and condos of all shapes and sizes. From enormous lofts to tiny studios. We clean all over Calgary and offer custom-tailored solutions to each apartment & also specialize in cleaning for pets. We’re conveniently flexible and can assist you no matter what your situation is. Whether you just renovated your bathroom or if you just want some help getting your apartment back to pristine condition.

Guaranteed You’ll Love Us

There are a number of factors that go into picking a good apartment cleaner. Searching for a truly astonishing team can take months! We interview hundreds of cleaners before we hiring one that meets and exceeds our standards. That’s because with our guarantee, we can only accept nothing but the best of the best cleaners in the city! We’ve invested our time and effort to handle the back-end work of recruiting a great team to give you the best customer experience!

What’s included with each cleaning service?

When we show up, our cleaners will follow very specific instructions & guidelines to make sure we’re delivering a world class cleaning every time. We religiously follow our extensive cleaning checklist which we include with every regular apartment cleaning service.

It’s vital to note that each cleaning is a customized and tailored to each job and no two properties are the same. Each cleaning is customized to your space, not all the services are done the time. Our cleaners are professionally trained and it’s up to their discretion on what needs to be cleaned and what does not. Some cleanings will require more attention than others depending on the condition of the property. Make sure to always inform your cleaning specialist of any specific needs you might have prior to cleaning including certain areas you would rather have them to pay more attention to. Maids in Pink will always make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our services. Learn more tips for cleaning here.

Still Unsure?

Still contemplating about hiring a professional apartment cleaning service? Call us now! We’re more than happy to answer any questions. You may also schedule an appointment online through our automated booking system where you’re in control of your appointment. To change your appointment times, you may add new services or cancel at anytime. Click here to check out our other services.

Don’t wait any longer!

Take away all that stress, and let Maids in Pink deal with cleaning up that mess.